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Connecting Vulnerable At Risk Youth

Street Youth Services [S.Y.S.] reaches out to vulnerable young people that have become disengaged from their families, school, mainstream support services and community. These young people exposed to anti-social and criminal influences on the street and are at high risk of becoming entrenched in these activities.

S.Y.S. locates and builds trust relationships with these highly vulnerable youth to support and guide them in re-engaging with family, school, work and the community. Through building up self esteem and self worth, confidence and positive support networks these vulnerable street frequenting young people are provided with the opportunity of living positive, healthy and productive lives.


Our street based engagement officers engage vulnerable street frequenting young people "on their turf" and "on their terms". Through no strings attached care and support genuine trust relationships are established. 


Casework targeted at mending the broken connections between family, school/work and the community helps disengaged young people to rebuild positive relationships, set goals and support these young people to work towards achieving these. 


First identifying each young person's unique strengths and working with the young people to utilise these strengths in making valuable contributions to their communities, young people learn to recognise their unique qualities and self worth, while being valued by the broader community.

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